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About a year or so ago we had a little modeling competition here among my gaming group and I managed to win a Stompa kit. Which I quickly stashed away with every intention of building, but which just gathered dust. Part of the reason was that I knew I couldn’t just build the base kit, I simply couldn’t get over the fat guy in a muumuu look that he had going on. So I worked on other things as I gathered ideas to make my custom stompa a reality.

The build is finally done, painting him might take awhile, though.


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Its been a few months and several distractions, but I’ve finally gotten to work on painting my Battle Wagon War Rig. I’ve given my Orks a proper Battle Wagon to take into battle

2016-08-24 21.46.05

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I recently finished a squad of Vanguard Veterans to go with the Shadow Captain I completed a few months ago.  Like him they are customized a good bit because I wanted a fairly specific look to them.

2016-07-07 22.01.35

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Haven’t gotten much painting done recently, but I have been working hard on a battlewagon for my orks. Of course, since it’s me I couldn’t just build the standard kit, especially since it’s roughly the same size as my custom trukks. No, I had to go bigger and badder. So, like many before me, I took inspiration from Mad Max and started designing my own custom war rig. I’ve combined a GW Battlewagon kit and a cheap Revell snap-tite kit, along with lots of pieces from my bits box. I’ve actually used about 90 percent of the cheap kit in this build.


It’s not done yet, still needs a fair bit of dakka and some more arm and spiky bits put on, but I’m really happy with how it has been coming along. It’s a huge beast, 22 inches the front of the cab to the rear bumper of the detachable tanker. Will give me multi use of it as a terrain piece in some games.

Hopefully, I’ll have an update in the next few weeks with painted pictures to share.

Been rather radio silent of late, the downside of being an adult is that real life likes to get in the way of fun stuff like building and painting models.  Still I’ve recently gotten a project done that was sitting on the shelf collecting dust for quite a while.

I give you the Mega Dread.  Not a clue how effective he’ll be on the table, but he will look amazing towering over all my Boyz.

File Mar 02, 8 26 05 AM

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Since I’ve begun working on a Raven Guard force I decided I needed a good warlord to lead it.  The Ravens have Shadow Captains in that position and Games Workshop does offer a single model in fine cast on their site.  While Shadow Captain Shrike is fairly cool looking, I deplore fine cast and knew I could do better.  Scavenging from my bit box and a few specific parts orders helped me custom build my perfect warlord.

2015-11-25 07.19.20

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I arrived home today to discover the Shadow Force Solaq boxset waiting at my door.  Now if you’ve been following all the rumors and reveals on the various Warhammer news sites you’ve likely already seen a reviews of the boxes contents, but I figured I’d offer up my own unboxing anyway.

2015-10-28 17.49.18

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I love me some Orks, but had decided maybe it was time to jump into another faction with a small force. I love the fluff of the Raven Guard so I had started building some army lists and picking out models to purchase when all the reveals started popping up for the Raven Guard boxset and the new rules they are getting. Fate seemed to be working against my wallet so though I hadn’t really planned on jumping into them till end of year or early next, I’ve started now.

I managed to snag a Terminator Close Combat Squad box for cheap and had some bits so I figured I’d start experimenting on the paint side in preparation for the other models I’ll be buying. I love the beak and claw motif of the RG so modded a beak helmet for this guy and then went with a very basic paint scheme.

2015-10-11 21.40.04

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Finished these guys faster than I expected.  I really like the results for how little work I put into them.
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I reviewed the Mantic Marauder Raptor a few weeks back and mentioned that I would be converting them to serve as my Ork Warbuggies.  Having gotten them assembled I went right to work on the converting process.  I ended up going with only a few minor changes as I found the Raptors to be very close to the look I already wanted.  Mantic’s models do not have quite the same level of detail as Games Workshop’s releases, but I they get some points for the cooler buggy design.

I did have to replace the gunners of course, as mentioned in the review they were a tad small and oddly posed.  As a replacement, the Ork Gunner model from the Games Workshop Gorkanaut was damn near perfect for my purposes.  Thankfully, I recently picked up a few sprues of them in a bits lot.  I added some shoulder armor from the Ork Nob sprue to make them look a little tougher and they fit the buggies as if they were made for them.

2015-07-05 09.20.432015-07-05 09.21.26

For the Warbuggies themselves I fashioned unique front fender armor for each from Killa Kan bits and then decorated them with Ork Glyphs from the Trukk kit.  Almost every Ork kit comes with extra decorative bits, and half the fun is finding unique ways to use them.  The end result were Warbuggies that fit all my Orky needs, ramshackle vehicles that still looked like they could move fast and spit out plenty of dakka.  I was tempted to magnetize the weapon so I could swap in Big Shootas, but honestly I plan to run these guys primarily as tank hunters so ended up just gluing the rockets in place.

2015-07-02 20.34.00

I also added a base to each of them using a bit of metal tubing and some square 40mm Warhammer Fantasy bases.  This was to add some stability on the table and so that I could magnetize them for transport as I use metal trays.  The squares were positioned so that unless you are looking for them they are pretty much invisible beneath the rear of the buggies.

2015-07-05 09.22.43

For color scheme, I followed the same palette I have used on my other customs so far.   I put a red base over most of the vehicle, and then a mix of gunmetal, silver, copper, and brass on the various metallic parts.  I picked out various bolts and panel edges to give it a scratched up look, dry brushed Ryza Rust over the gunmetal, then washed it all in nul oil.  Then I hit the tires and under carriage, including the base, with typhus corrosion for a textured mud covered look.  I also picked out one sigil on each to hit with purple as I have made that something of a unifying element with this force.

2015-07-08 22.41.22

While they all look great together, here are a series with a closer look at each.  Followed by a group shot with my Warboss and Painboy.  So far this Road Waaagh!!! is coming together nicely.

2015-07-08 22.41.39 2015-07-08 22.41.55 2015-07-08 22.42.07 2015-07-08 22.42.20 2015-07-08 22.42.31 2015-07-08 22.42.41 2015-07-08 22.45.18 2015-07-08 22.47.33