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Episode 5: Party Crashers

Once again we open to the crew around the table in the lounge aboard The Carl. Winston explains how he has sifted through the massive amount of data the crew liberated from the Cortex relay station. Using dates and information supplied by Celeste he has narrowed down communications traffic and file transfers to and from Townsend’s office and home.
Unfortunately it is all encrypted with protocols even more advanced than those Winston worked with in the Navy. The decryption algorithms are stored in physical key devices. Based on the destinations for Townshend’s communiques he’s narrowed down a list of facilities and people that must have the keys that the crew need to make sure Townshend can never hurt Celeste or Zenith again.

One of the few potential key holders that isn’t deep in a military facility is Lukas Thatcher. He operates a Security Consultation firm that provides personal guards and anti-intrusion technology for the Prime Minister’s home and interests that are outside of his official government activities.
Bobbi immediately latches on to the idea of catering Rhonda Thatchers upcoming birthday bonanza. Rhonda is a famous socialite and unlike her secretive and reserved husband she loves entertaining at their mansion.
Dr Yuan-Qi takes Joleen to meet his mother, rightly assuming his well connected family can get them much coveted invitations to Rhonda’s birthday party. The Dowager Yuan-Qi’s only concern is the family name. Provided the doctor is on his best behavior and doesn’t plan to stay on Londinium long she is happy to help. She will even contribute additional resources to his research. She knows this is an excellent motivator her son and often provides large financial returns for the Yuan-Qi family. Upon obtaining the invitations the two crew members begin a classic shopping montage while acquiring appropriate party clothing.
The rest of the crew will be disguised as caterers. They aquire two large vans, filling one with small but powerful speeder bikes for the inevitable get away.

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