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Finished these guys faster than I expected.  I really like the results for how little work I put into them.
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So while I’m working on my Terminators I like to have a process driven, “easy” project going simultaneously.

I airbrushed on some Vallejo Model Air Khaki Brown over a black primer for the skin.


My plan is to do the carapace in Vallejo Game Color Terracotta.



Vents and eyes in Minitaire Envy Green

I’ll paint the claws black and do a Citadel Bleached Bone highlight on the carapace.

I’ll tie it all together using the Vallejo Dark Brown wash over the whole figure.


I’ve finished some Catachans, this was a troop project so I didn’t do a lot of detail on them, in fact I seldom paint them the same way twice.  They look decent but I do these just to relax and because they’re more impressive for their numbers not for the detail.


Since finishing these I’ve been assembling some Blood Angel Assault Terminators, these are beautiful models and I’ll take some time to do a high quality paint job on them.  I’ve also assembled some Genestealers from the Space Hulk boxed set, these guys will get my standard Genestealer paint job, nothing exceptional but looks good.

Space Hulk Genestealers and Blood Angel Assault Terminators

Space Hulk Genestealers and Blood Angel Assault Terminators