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Episode 1

Episode 2: Pie-th-on

We open with The Carl hurtling towards the edge of Persephone’s gravity well so that it might begin a full burn towards its next destination. The crew, sans the Engineer and his wife, sit around the large table in the lounge, at the aft end of the ship. M is attempting to keep the details regarding the child in the crate quiet. However Dr Yuan-Qi has very strong feelings about protecting children from harm and demands answers. The private eye finally reveals that he is reuniting Zenith with her mother and knowing any more would put them all at great risk. Zenith’s reaction to M seemed to corroborate this, she was happy to see M and is currently resting in his cabin.

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I have a backlog of Warhammer 40k posts to compose and post. For now how about a summary of a session of the Firefly RPG? This marks my return to running RPGs after three or four years off. The total player count is eight but only six were able to attend this first session, which was somewhat of a relief! I hope to post a follow up to this soon, with some relevant details of the crew members.

Episode 1: Where the F— is Valentine?
The episode opens late afternoon at the Eavesdown Docks on Persephone. The crew has just landed, eager to take care of their planet-side business.
M and Bobbi head to a local ship outfitters, Redworth Provisioners. They interact with the proprietor, one Hugh Bowery, and with Doctor Yuan-Qi’s generous accounts they have no problem securing their supplies.
Valentine heads off to attend to his own business. Including a nice (relatively) meal, a bath, and a shave and trim for his mandarin style goatee.
Grace retires to her quarters after successfully landing the ship, to entertain herself. With the ship on the ground and the engines shut off Graden takes the opportunity to tackle various inspection and maintenance tasks.
Joleen escorts the Doctor to obtain various biomedical supplies, to make sure the wealthy Core Worlder avoids trouble of the local variety.

As night begins to fall word has spread that there is a rich ship in the local berths. The local gang moves to collect their due.

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