I arrived home today to discover that my package from this Kickstarter had arrived unexpectedly.  Having ripped into the package and played with the many bits and bobs I thought all of you good people out there might find it an interesting addition to their war gaming tables.  It arrived incredibly quickly, so fast in fact that opening the package smelled like a campfire.

2015-11-18 17.39.572015-11-18 17.48.21

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I arrived home today to discover the Shadow Force Solaq boxset waiting at my door.  Now if you’ve been following all the rumors and reveals on the various Warhammer news sites you’ve likely already seen a reviews of the boxes contents, but I figured I’d offer up my own unboxing anyway.

2015-10-28 17.49.18

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About two months back I posted the build for my custom Ork Trukk. While I really love how it came out, I have found that its primary role in my army has becomea transport for my Tankbustas. Since I have decided to build a custom squad of them with a WW2 theme I figured it would be a cool idea to build a second Trukk that fit the same look.

The original plan was to search out a model of the German SdKfz 251, of which there are plenty, but then I stumbled upon Dreamforge Games’ Eisenkern ‘Keilerkopf’ APC; which is essentially a stylized sci-fi SdKfz 251. It’s a beautiful kit, and prefect for my purposes.

2015-08-23 21.05.55

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I love the concept and rules of the Ork Tankbustas, I even love the look of the official models. What I do not like however is finecast, which is the only material currently available. Therefore, I decided to see what alternatives I could find and stumbled upon the Orc Tank Hunters Squad from Kromlech.


Kromlech is a company out of Poland that produces high quality resin miniatures and model bits. Their specialty is WW2 German themed Orc miniatures, though they do also have an assortment of Space Marines, Chaos Demons and Marines, along with a few Imperial Scotsmen. The Tank Hunters are from their Orc Greatcoat line.

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I recently picked up the Pegasus Hobbies Syberclicks modular terrain kit to use in a project. It’s an interesting kit designed to allow you to build a variety scifi style buildings using snap together construction. Theoretically, that should result in a versatile set of parts that you can quickly build terrain with, and change the designs anytime you like. In practice, it does not work quite as well as advertised.

The set consists of six identical sprues of molded metallic grey plastic. The set consists of a variety of steel panels, grates, ladders, hatches, and some gothic windows. Everything is laid out so all the parts can be clipped and assembled with minimal cleanup. There are very few mold lines and the parts all have excellent details. Everything feels solid and looks great on the sprue.

2015-07-17 17.35.01

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Something a little different this week as I take a break from constructing Orky contraptions and give a little review of a non GW model kit I think would do well in any Ork force.

Games Workshop has some beautiful models; however, some of their kits are in need of a major upgrade.  The Ork Warbggy is one such kit; its design is still circa the late 90s, and it doesn’t really fit the modern aesthetic of the rest of the Ork models.  The biggest problem is really the Ork driver and gunner, which one could replace easily enough with modern figures.


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