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I haven’t finished anything in a few months, I had an extended period of lovely weather that I spent outside and after that I just fell out of the habit of painting every night.  I’ve recently been trying to get back to it so I finished some Catachans.  I never paint these guys the same way twice, I mostly use them to practice painting different skin tones and ethnicities.


IMG_1655 IMG_1657 IMG_1654

We’ve been discussing improving the narrative of our games, I mostly play scenario type missions and I think part of the fun is crafting a story around it.

Here are a list of things helpful for forging  a narrative about a mission.

Before the mission

  • Who is your army
  • Where is your army
  • Why is your army there
  • Who is leading your army
  • Plan for the mission

After the mission

  • Significant events in the battle (turning points, major surprises, upsets).
  • Heroic units (lone guardsman wiped a squad of charging Tau in a sweeping advance, Guardian squad bogging a squad of assault terminators for 3 turns)
  • Your armies interpretation of the outcome (da ‘umies wiped out all m’boyz they’z stronger den we thought just ‘ow we like it).

Just a WIP update, I’ve been working on a Forgeworld Griffon which is a nightmare of Resin.  The Catachans should be the last few I do for a long while and the Tyranid Prime is going to be my HQ for my very small force of ‘nids.

IMG_20150921_200751 IMG_20150921_200801


Finally completed my five Blood Angel Assault Marine Terminators, the models are gorgeous with a ton of details.



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Finished these guys faster than I expected.  I really like the results for how little work I put into them.
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Follow the links below the poll for additional pictures of the entry.

Vote for the Summer 2015 Neutral-Evil large model competition winner

  • Baneblade (72%, 41 Votes)
  • Imperial Knight (12%, 7 Votes)
  • Tyranid Tyranocite (11%, 6 Votes)
  • Ork Trukk (5%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 57

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Summer 2015 Painting competition entry Baneblade The Emperor’s Persistence

IMG_1396 IMG_1395 IMG_1394 IMG_1393 IMG_1392 IMG_1391 IMG_1390 IMG_1389 IMG_1388


So while I’m working on my Terminators I like to have a process driven, “easy” project going simultaneously.

I airbrushed on some Vallejo Model Air Khaki Brown over a black primer for the skin.


My plan is to do the carapace in Vallejo Game Color Terracotta.



Vents and eyes in Minitaire Envy Green

I’ll paint the claws black and do a Citadel Bleached Bone highlight on the carapace.

I’ll tie it all together using the Vallejo Dark Brown wash over the whole figure.


I wanted a Neutral-Evil T-shirt so I had one made! They’re available if anyone is interested

Neutral-Evil T-shirt

Neutral-Evil T-shirt