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If you are going to run Orks, you need someone to patch up your boyz when they inevitably get shot up by the enemy. Thankfully, there are Painboyz with their ‘Urty Syringes, collection of rusty Doc Tools, and pack of Grot Orderlies running around ready to reattach an arm here, replace a leg there, maybe add a rocket launcha just for kicks. Naturally, I needed one in my army, and since I’m going for speed he was going to need bike.

There is a fairly cool looking plastic Painboy model available now, but for this project I decided to go with the older design which is still available in Finecast from the Games Workshop website. This was my first experience with Finecast and I am kind of hoping it will be my last. It is a very fragile material, which makes it easy to cut up for modifications, but also means that pieces break off at the slightest pressure.  I spent more time trying to get the doc to stay together then I did building his custom bike.


For that custom bike I needed a suitable base. I could have just used an Ork Warbiker, but since the Painboy model came with a Grot, I figured it would be nice to have a sidecar so he could ride shotgun and keep the docs tray of pointing doc tools at the ready. Thankfully, Games Workshop just happens to have a Space Marine bike that was perfect for my purposes. It was going to need a bit of work to fit the Ork aesthetic however, far to shiny and new looking.

A Warbiker kit gave me all the parts I needed to properly customize the bike, and I was able to cut up the Painboy and se the Marine biker’s legs to fit the ork right proper in his seat. Some plasticard added some much needed extra armor to the side car and I was ready to prime.


I followed essentially the same paint scheme I have used on my previous Ork custom projects. Plenty of red to make it go fast and then assorted metalics with some rust and black wash to give it that beat up look I think an Ork vehicle needs. These are rugged well used machines after all. One thing that might be noticeable is that I decided to give the Blood for the Blood God technical paint a try. I figured a Painboy was likely to spend most of his time covered in blood from all his surgeries, and I really like the effect it gives.


One final shot to give some scale. That and I just really like showing off my Warboss. So far my little Kult of Speed is coming together pretty well. I hope to have my trio of custom warbuggies and a bunch of bikes ready in the next few weeks to give me a solid start to this army.


I have recently found myself pulled into the world of 40K thanks to a group of friends and an escalation league at my friendly local game shop. While new to the game, I have been kitbashing and modeling for years, so of course I had to pick the faction where that sort of thing is not just acceptable, but damn near mandatory. Thus I find myself waging into the great green tide of the WAAAGH!!!

As a fresh new Ork player I almost immediately became enamored with the Kult of Speed and decided rather quickly that I needed a hoard of war bikers. Unfortunately, the only official Ork Bikerboss model made is a rather expensive Forgeworld figure. While very cool, he exists just out of my acceptable price range for a single model. So lacking a sufficiently imposing and badass looking figure, I decided to make my own.

A quick trip to the toy aisle and a local model shop produced a nice stack of parts fodder and a few sheets of plasticard. Breaking down a tank gave me tracks for the rear end; while the back end from space shuttle model kit supplied the power plant and thrusters, and a motorcycle model gave me appropriate exhaust pipes, handlebars, and the front forks. Then I started adding plasticard, and all of those disparate parts gave me a decent initial mock-up.

To flesh out the bare frame I’d put together from those various toys, I pulled several bits from an Ork Trukk, specifically a wheel, several fuel tanks, some more exhaust pipes, and the front grill. An Ork Warbike provided the front cowl, and a Deff Dread faceplate served as a front fender while its shootas got side mounted to become the Dakkaguns. As for the boss himself, I cut-up and reposed the Assault on Black Reach Warboss. A fair bit more plasticard and plenty of greenstuff later I had a damn good-looking figure ready for priming and paint. A few work in progress pics provide and idea of the direction I was going, though I wish I’d taken a few more.

Naturally, I had to go with a red paint job because Da red wunz go fasta! I used plenty of metallic pigments to pick out all the dakka festooned upon the rig, and then I grimed it up with dry brushed rust and a good black wash. I used a mix of citadel and P3 paints on the big guy and did a very simple cork board basing on top of a custom base plate cut from some 3.2mm thick sheet styrene.

Being the customizer I am I plan on building up plenty more ramshackle Ork vehicles in the future. Hopefully I’ll have the peace of mind to take more work in progress pictures to really show off the process.