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About two months ago I reviewed the Dreamforge APC and mentioned that I would be converting it into an Ork Trukk.  It has finally made its way through my little chop shop ready to wreak havoc on anyone that gets in its path.  In the hands of a Mek it has gained plenty of extra armor plates, a wrecking ball, and painted red for maximum destruction.

2015-11-09 19.11.49

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About two months back I posted the build for my custom Ork Trukk. While I really love how it came out, I have found that its primary role in my army has becomea transport for my Tankbustas. Since I have decided to build a custom squad of them with a WW2 theme I figured it would be a cool idea to build a second Trukk that fit the same look.

The original plan was to search out a model of the German SdKfz 251, of which there are plenty, but then I stumbled upon Dreamforge Games’ Eisenkern ‘Keilerkopf’ APC; which is essentially a stylized sci-fi SdKfz 251. It’s a beautiful kit, and prefect for my purposes.

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Summer 2015 Painting competition entry Ork Trukk

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One of the things that appeals to me about the Orks is the very ramshackle Mad Max style they have to their vehicles.  The whole thrown together from whatever junk they could find and random armor plates bolted on all over the place aesthetic really calls to me.  That being said I’m not a huge fan of a lot of the actual Ork vehicle models available from Games Workshop.  In the case of the Trukk in particular the issue isn’t the styling, which I love, but the size.  The Ork Trukk is a rather rinky dink little vehicle, which is really a problem across all 40k factions.  I know true scale vehicles would be massive and take up way to much room on the table.  Still I wanted a bigger Trukk for my hoard so I decided that like any good Ork player the best option would be to build my own.

I started with the official kit, because despite its diminutive size its full of amazing detail and bits that would help me bring my project life.  Then I paired that with a ten-dollar snap kit Humvee model I picked up in the local toy aisle.  Throw in a sheet or two of plasticard to hack into extra armor plates and I had all the ingredients to build da right proper Trukk.


I hacked up the model, tearing off the roof and punching some holes for the engine and exhaust to stick through, then started armoring it up with bits from the Trukk kit and pieces of plasticard.  I wanted as many of upgrade options as possible to find their way onto the finished model.  The boarding planks drop down off the back to give the charging passengers that precious extra inch.  The wrecking ball hangs from the side for those surprise Trukk assaults, and we have the reinforced ram up front for when I want to tank shock.  I don’t know that I’ll always use all those options, but it’s nice to be able to point them out when I am.


As a personal touch I through a unique hood ornament up front.  It’s not 40k without skulls, and I just find the Necrons so much more interesting with dapper hats.  The hats are available on Shapeways by the way and will likely end on more of my projects in the future.


To finish it all off I made sure to paint it red and then a lot of metallic bases and then dry brushed for rust and tarnish and everything washed in black for that grimy oily look I think all Orks should have.  The finished model came out even better than I had hoped.


To give an idea of scale, my Trukk is 2 ½ inches longer and a ½ inch wider than the official model, while having the same height.  It can fit 12 boyz in the passenger section, though still a little tight it is far better than the GW version in that respect.  It is also just a little bit bigger then my Biker Warboss, though I think the two look rather epic beside each other.  Until next time ladies and gents keep bashing and building.  It is the right proper Ork way.