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I’ve masked  off and sprayed a basecoat on the Baneblade, I had some issue with the paint and primer lifting off when I pulled up the tape so I touched up those spots with a bit of rust red primer.  I’ll use this as a guideline for weathering later.  Next step is to block in the other base colors on things that won’t be camo like the accessories and netting.

IMG_1366 IMG_1367 IMG_1368 IMG_1369 IMG_1365

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Something a little different this week as I take a break from constructing Orky contraptions and give a little review of a non GW model kit I think would do well in any Ork force.

Games Workshop has some beautiful models; however, some of their kits are in need of a major upgrade.  The Ork Warbggy is one such kit; its design is still circa the late 90s, and it doesn’t really fit the modern aesthetic of the rest of the Ork models.  The biggest problem is really the Ork driver and gunner, which one could replace easily enough with modern figures.


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